Thursday, July 31, 2014

How You Can Donate!

Thank you so much to Channel 2 KTVN and Kristen Remington for featuring us on the news tonight! Right now we're looking for support to tell our story in the form of donations - whether financially, or in pre-packaged food for on set or prepared meals for our crew. Other financial assistance goes toward renting camera, lighting and grip equipment; paying for transportation of the two other students coming to Reno to work on the project; and covering film festival entry fees so that we can share a story of awareness and healing to an audience internationally.

Click the button above to donate financially to the film! If you would like to speak to the team behind the project first or donate in other ways, you can email

Thank you so much for your support and making this story a reality!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Casting Day 1

We finished up day one of casting on Wednesday (July 23). We saw potential actors at Tru Talent Agency in south Reno. It is run by the absolutely wonderful Justine Reyes, who also owns Take 2 Performers' Studio, where we cast several projects last summer. Check out her agency here.

We were mainly auditioning for the roles of Sam, Joel, and their younger counterparts. As usual, there were actors who completely blew me away. There are definitely going to be a lot of tough decisions. Hearing actors read the lines in different ways is also always an excellent learning experience for what will work and what won't on screen.

Casting resumes with day 2 on Sunday (the 27th). Stay tuned!



Thursday, July 17, 2014

Welcome to the Journey of Making "Bear Claws!"

Thank you for your support in making "Bear Claws!" Here you'll be able to watch the process of bringing the characters, story and emotion to life - from casting to shooting to working with a composer to develop the score, you can see how your support is making a difference.

First, to introduce you to the core team behind the project!

You can check out some of their work at the links below!
Rebecca Doyle & Michael Ritter:
Ilan Benjamin:
Jack Martin:

Thanks & stay tuned for development updates and casting in two weeks!